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Key Features


Import and manage your current list of IBM part numbers

Software deployment

Import data from ILMT for PVU calculations. And generate templates to collect data for all other license types

Terms and conditions

Search for bundling information in LI documents and part number changes in announcement letters


Track your IBM compliance status and information collection progress in a central dashboard

Product bundling reverse lookup

One of the key challenges with product bunding is the "reverse lookup" - finding out which IBM products your installation of DB2 Enterprise Edition could be bundled with. Blue-LM makes this easier than ever before. You can search through all product bundling information, or filter specifically on the entitlements you own.

Generate audit templates

Finding out what information you need to collect for each IBM license you own can be a chore. Get started quickly by automatically generating information collection templates based on the entitlements you own.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Blue-LM?

IBM regularly performs license compliance audits at their customers. The vast majority of IBM customers are well-intentioned, but can still face large settlement fees if they don't carefully manage compliance. Blue-LM pulls together data from many different sources in order to facilitate IBM compliance management.

Does Blue-LM guarantee IBM license compliance?

No - unlike vendors for other products on the market, Blue-LM does not claim that IBM license compliance management can be fully automated by a tool. Instead, Blue-LM helps you to perform key IBM license compliance management tasks.

We use the IBM license metric tool (ILMT). Do I still need Blue-LM?

Blue-LM is designed to complement ILMT rather than replace it. ILMT is required in order to meet the sub capacity terms and conditions. However, ILMT does not generate compliance reports. Also, ILMT is mainly focused on the PVU license metric - the vast majority of IBM license metrics cannot be measured via ILMT.

What do I need to get started?

You can start using Blue-LM right away by browsing through the licensing information. Uploading entitlements data and importing ILMT reports are optional.

We already have a Software Asset Management (SAM) tool. Do I still need Blue-LM?

Most tools on the market focus on software and hardware recognition. They usually don't provide deep insight in the IBM licensing rules. This approach makes IBM licensing appear simple by obscuring its complexity. Blue-LM can be used to complement your existing SAM tool by helping you to review key IBM product licensing rules in a structured way.

How can using Blue-LM provide value?

Most IBM customers unknowingly have license shortfalls for some products and license surpluses for others. Blue-LM can help you prepare optimally for Subscription and Support (S&S) renewals, contract negotiations, and compliance audits


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