Managed services

Instead of doing the work yourself, we can manage IBM license compliance on your behalf.

All Our Services

Implement IBM license compliance processes

Audit readiness check

Audit defense

Quarterly review of ILMT reports

License Management Option (LMO) guidance

Contract renewal support

License compliance snapshot

License optimization

Tools + services = results

We process the data, you view the dashboard.

Process entitlements data

Based on your Passport Advantage order history, combined with any other entitlements information you have, we can generate your current entitlements position.

Collect IBM software deployment information

Blue-LM generates standard audit templates based on your IBM entitlements. We can help you review key information sources in your organization and create customized audit templates to correspond with your organizational structure and IT environment.


Comparing your IBM entitlements with software deployment is not a straighforward task. We'll help you identify any pitfalls and licensing grey areas, such as:

  • Full capacity licensing in a cluster
  • Product bundling
  • Standby scenarios
  • All-or-nothing clause
  • Indirect usage

From compliance risk to compliance value

Whether your priority is to avoide compliance risk, achieve cost savings, or prepare for an audit, we can help you develop a tailored approach for your organization.

Step by step

We can help you choose the right approach based on your current maturity level

  • Perform high-level risk assessment
  • Develop prioritized action plan
  • Mitigate key risks
  • Identify savings opportunities
  • Implement continuous monitoring